🔴 Season 1 minting closed
1213 unique NFTs on the
Ethereum blockchain
The metavatar nfts are 100% on-chain generative nfts for you to own or share. These are generated using the infinitely possible combination of simple geometric shapes blended with gradients, noise and blur. Metavatars make beautiful pfps.
Minting is closed for season 1
How to get one?
Get a wallet
If you don't have a wallet already, install a mobile wallet like Rainbow or download metamask for chrome.
Get some ether
If you made a new account, buy some Ethereum. You can buy directly from inside the Rainbow app. On Metamask, you can buy Ether directly using Wyre.
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Mint from website
Mint directly from this website while supplies last. You can also mint directly from the contract on etherscan.
What's on-chain?
On-chain implies that the ingredients that make up your NFT art, its metadata, and the image itself are generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This means there's no IPFS links, and no metadata servers. Each minted metavatar will be around as long as the Ethereum blockchain.
Are these ERC-721 tokens?
Every metavatar is an ERC-721 NFT. They contain the generated SVG artwork, and the metadata used to generate them.
How are these generated?
The number of shapes, types of shapes, position of the shapes, background, opacity, animation, gradients etc are all selected on-chain at the time of mint.
Can I mint from the etherscan contract?
The metavatar NFT contract is verified and published. You'll be able to mint directly from the contract. More on how to do this are explained in our discord.
What are the traits?
The numbers of shapes, the background, mode and animation make up the traits for every metavatar. There's a 15% chance of getting a spinning shape.
Can I still get whitelisted for pre-mint?
Yes! Join our discord to get in before public sale. We will be opening public sale on 02/22 at 12pm EST!
Can I have metavatar as my hexagonal pfp on twitter?
Not yet as twitter's NFT pfp does not support svgs (yet). However once all 10k metavatars are minted, it is possible to update the renderer contract to return pngs and thereby support the hexagonal pfps.
Where's the roadmap?
Our goal is to build the Gravatar for the web3 world and power your public pfp on every dApp, visible wherever you interact on the metaverse. All metavatar holders will be the first to access. Stay tuned for more.